Company Profile

Who we are
In India, we have been a part of the Industrial Growth since 1950 when the Company was founded. Our's a Group of Companies, Supreme Industrial Works and Techno Gear Works Pvt. Ltd., engaged in the manufacture of Precision Gears. Our Product Range covers all types of Gears such as Spur, Helical, Straight Bevel, Spiral Bevel, Worm Wheel & Worm Shaft, Rack & Pinion & Spline Shafts. From only 4 machines the Company has grown to a full-fledged gear manufacturing unit with 125 Machine Tools and Various Inspection Facilities. All this, of course went with the Growth of Other Companies who relied on our Quality Gears for their progress. The Company has over these five decades been a supplier to various companies with the supply of gears ranging from 10mm to 3000mm, in diameter.

The Sectors we serve

  • Railways
  • Nuclear Power
  • Elevators
  • Off shore Drilling Rigs
  • Printing machinery
  • Machine Tools
  • Rolling Mills
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Defence
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & Beverages
  • Improved Technology
  • Aeronautics

With the 21st century philosophy of value creation we will not stop developing new technology & better quality assurance systems to serve our customers better. We have never hesitated to introduce new facilities for manufacturing precision gears.